Welcome! Fangirl strikes back is a blog which main focus is to provide translations, for japanese drama CDs mostly. Opened on February 6, 2012

I’m Delphine, a french uni student who has some time to kill! I’m not studying japanese at school though. I’ve been into listening to drama CDs and otome gaming quite recently~

I apologize beforehand concerning inaccuracies that may appear in my translations. Like I said before, I never took any real japanese lessons :’) My comprehension of the language is built on the experience I have acquired by watching animes and shows, playing games and self-taught grammar I learnt in books. That being said, English isn’t my native language either.

Please credit me if you’re using any of my translations. (crushedbananas@gmail.com).

Finally, I won’t provide any download links to the stuff I translate, so don’t bother asking. Thank you and have a nice visit.