Here is the translation of the Passion Pink CG events from the official webpage~ With the game being postponed once more to next month, some of you are beginning to lose patience… so do I to be honest )8 anyway, I hope you will enjoy the translation ↓↓↓ and that the game won’t be postponed another time ;u;

Otherwise, final exams and assignments deadlines are coming closer and closer for me so don’t expect any update here until mid-May at least D8

Ema: Kyaa!
Yusuke: A-Are you alright?
Ema: S-Sorry. The train made me jolt.
Yusuke: … There.
Ema: Eh… Y-Yusuke-kun?
Yusuke: Hold onto me.
Ema: T-Thanks, Yusuke-kun
Yusuke: I’ve already told you to not call me by my first name!
Ema: Sorry…..
Yusuke: Geez… Ah… aren’t you suffocating?
Ema: I-I’m fine…!
(When I looked up, our eyes met within a very close distance.)
Yusuke: …..!

Masaomi: You didn’t cry during the shot, it’s admirable.
Little Boy: I-It wasn’t that scary.
Masaomi: That’s right, that’s right. You’re a boy after all. Boys must be strong right?
Little Boy: It’s true, I’m a … boy.
Masaomi: What do you want to become when you grow up?
Little Boy: Me? Erm… I want to become a hero! I’m going to be a hero who can protect the world and Mom!
Masaomi: Then, in order to become a hero, you must not lose against sickness and have to do your best to cure it.
Little Boy: Yes, I won’t lose against sickness!
Masaomi: Alright, then I will give you this as today’s reward.
Little Boy: Wah! A big piece of chocolate!
Masaomi: See you next week.

Juri: Oh, isn’t it here? “Mr. Asahina Tsubaki & Mr. Asahina Azusa – Waiting Room”
Ema: What should I do? I’m nervous now that I’m here…
Juri: What are you saying! You see their faces every day at home!
Ema: It’s true but… ugh…
(Okay, I’m ready…!)
Tsubaki: Good work! ★
Ema: Waah! Tsu-Tsubaki-san! You surprised me…!
Tsubaki: Yeah, I thought like “It’s maybe the right time for me to come out soon!”
Azusa: Tsubaki… It’s dangerous to push the door so abruptly, you know.
Tsubaki: Eh~ But, I got to see Ema’s surprised face~ ♪
Say, say, how was it? I was really cool right? Your heart was throbbing, right?
It’s fine if you want to jump into your brother’s arms right now, little sister.
Ema: …. I won’t jump.
Tsubaki: Eh? If you say such cold things then I’ll be the one to jump ~★
Ema: Wai – Wait a minute Tsubaki-san…!?
Azusa: … Aah, Tsubaki. You’re embarrassing Ema.

(Wah, Subaru-san immediately breaks through his opponents once he gets the ball…!)
Yusuke: Aaah! As I thought, Suba-nii kicks ass!
Ema: Amazing! Wonderful! Look, look Yusuke-kun! Subaru-san is going to score a basket in a no time!!
Yusuke: I- I got it! You don’t have to say it that loud, just watch properly…!
Ema: Kyaa! His shoot was a success!!
Yusuke: Wah!!!! Oi! Hey! You hit me…
Ema: I’m sorry…! I became engrossed in the match without realzing…!
Yusuke: … W- Watch in silence…!
Ema: Okay.
(Oh? I thought Subaru-san was fairly the tallest among all the brothers but… When I see him this way (on the court), there are a lot of bigger players. Moreover, when he’s playing on the court, he doesn’t lose to anybody. Subaru-san is obviously amazing!)

Ema: What part were you talking about? Ah, so it was a problem in this sequence…
Yusuke: … So, I’m supposed to solve this…
Ema: This problem is about searching the greatest sum of the numerical sequence so… Yusuke-kun, do you remember the formula of the numerical sequence?
Yusuke: I don’t remember. What is that? Was there something like that?
Ema: In your textbook, page 76.
Yusuke: EEEH? Erm… An =? HAA? What are those things? Such as a1 and d…?
Ema: a1 is the first term and the d is the common difference. Look, it’s written here isn’t it?
Yusuke: So it means that… it’s alright if I insert this and that in this equation?

(The translation of this one may be a bit inaccurate since I don’t really know what they’re talking about, I don’t have math class anymore and I sucked at this subject anyway so I got a bit helped by Wikipedia :’D)

Tsubaki: …Hn.
Thanks for feeling better!
Even if it’s rather me who feels better when we do this (when we kiss dirty things aside lol)? Hehe~ ★
Ema: Tsu – Tsubaki-san…!
(Tsubaki-san’s innocent smile spread before my eyes)
Tsubaki: And now, my tantrum… Hey, Ema I want to kiss you once again. Can I?

(So, this drama depicts a complex love story? It seems somehow like a difficult role (for Fuuto) …)
Fuuto: “Hurry up and go to his place… Don’t worry about me… I’ll be fine…”
Fuuto: “I’m going to act as if I have nothing to do with you so…”
Director: Okay, cut!
(Wah, he wears a totally different facial expression from the one he has at home when he’s working…)
Fuuto: Excuse me Director, can we do it again please?
Director: Eh? I think that one was OK though.
Fuuto: But I can’t be convinced by my performance… Sorry but can we retake the scene please?
(Fuuto-kun is sure serious…)
Fan #1: Kyaa! Asakura-kun looked this way for a moment!!
Fan #2: Yeah, he definitely looked this way! I’m so happy!!

Masaomi: This is for you, even though it’s not to thank you for what you did today…
Ema: Eh?
Masaomi: If you’re fine with it, I wonder if you could accept it?
Ema: …! T-Thank you very much!
Masaomi: I hope that you will like it…
Ema: What is it…? Can I open it?
Masaomi: Yes, go on.
Ema: Wah ~ This is…

Hikaru: Well, sit down comfortably around there? I’m going make some tea meanwhile.
Ema: Thank you very much.
Hikaru: You don’t have to be that stiff. Although it’s called data collecting, it’s something which looks like proof searching. Take it easy, try to answer my questions intuitively.
Ema: Yes, understood.
Hikaru: Well, first, give me your name and your age. Let’s hear about your family information.

(I had some difficulty for that one since I didn’t fully understand the context of the CG so…)

(W-What? It’s becoming deep suddenly…?)
(No way! Am I sinking…? I-It… hurts…)
Subaru:  Are you alright?
Ema: Su-Subaru-san?
Subaru:  What happened?
Ema: I suddenly found myself sinking in the sea *hiccups* Then…
Subaru:  Geez. That’s why I told you to be careful.
Ema: S-Sorry.
Subaru:  You’re too careless. Well, swimming together is impossible. I will keep an eye on you… okay?

Yusuke: What do you want Wataru? Let me sleep a bit more Zzzzz….
Ema: Yu-Yusuke-kun? I-I’m not Wataru-cha- kyaa!
Yusuke: What? Wataru became much taller… Hm…? Seems like it.
Ema: Hey! Yusuke-kun!!! It’s me! It’s Ema!
Yusuke: Hm? Ema? … Hinata?
Ema: Yes, Ema. Say, could you release me please?
Yusuke: Why is Hinata there? Ah I got it, it’s a dream after all right? … That’s why, still…
Ema: Still, what?
Yusuke: I won’t let go…

That’s all for this batch~