No drama CD track translation this time (Track 7 is about 60% done I’d say) but something much lighter I hope you will enjoy as well :) I translated some CGs events available on the official website of the game in the GALLERY section. The ones featured in this post are CGs events that are common to Passion Pink and Brilliant Blue since they happen at the beginning of the game and in the volume 1 of the novel series (You can go and check the summary of vol.1 written by Rin for further information on the plot if it’s not already done).

I translated all of them except the one in which Wataru bumps into Ema with his bicycle because there were too much kanji I couldn’t see properly because of the font size used on the website and I couldn’t zoom since the website is in flash )8

Kaname: Oh? Little sister, good morning.
Subaru: Yo
Ema: Good morning. Both of you got up early as well.
Kaname: Yes, we did some jogging. Suba-chan never fails to do his road run every morning. I just keep him company once a while.
(Kaname-san isn’t really someone with heathly habits, his good health somehow surprises me.)
Kaname: Ah, just now, you were thinking it was unexpected of me right?
Ema: Eh…? It’s not –
Kaname: Haha! It’s easy to read your mind~ By the way, why did you get up that early?
Ema: I… I thought about making breakfast…
Kaname: Eh~ Girls in aprons are good-looking~!
Ema: Kaname-san is doing it again….

Tsubaki: You know…
Asuza: Yes?
Ema: Those voices… Is it Tsubaki-san and Azusa-san?
Juri: It seems like it.
Ema: It would be rude to interrupt them. What should we do?
Juri: You’re right but, the atmosphere makes it hard for us to get away.
Tsubaki: In fact I… I have something to tell you.
Azusa: Eh? What is it?
Tsubaki: We, we’ve always been together.
Azusa: Yes, it’s true.
Tsubaki: But recently, when I’m with you… My heart is racing, I can’t calm down and besides… It irritates me when you’re getting along well with other guys…
Azusa: Eh?

Ukyo: Good morning Ema-san.
Ema: Good morning Ukyo-san, you’re early today.
Ukyo: I’m always preparing breakfast. Are you going to help me today?
Ema: Is that so? I’m willing to help you as long as I’m not bothering you
Ukyo: With the number of meals I have to make, you’d be of a great help if you’d assist me. Well then… Is it alright if I leave the (preparation of) miso soup to you?
Ema: Miso soup, right. I got it.

Tsubaki: This tall figure over there is Subaru. He’s an university student.
Subaru:  … Yo
Ema: N-Nice to meet you.
Subaru: …….
(Oh? He’s acting a bit cold…)
Tsubaki: You know, Subaru is a pure child who isn’t good with girls, that’s why I think he doesn’t talk a lot so don’t mind him~ ★
Subaru: Wha-…! Tsuba-nii!!
Tsubaki: What? It’s true isn’t it?
(Subaru…-san, his face is becoming red……..)
Ukyo: Then, this is Iori. He’s a year older than you, 3rd year high school student.
Iori: Nice to meet you. Please treat me well.
Ema: Please treat me well too. By the way, is this uniform…
Iori: Yes, I attend Bright Centrair Academy*.
Ema: Wah… This is awesome…!
(Bright Centrair is a prestigious high school located in the city area…. I feel some respect towards him…)
Juri: It means that he has a good looking face and good grades as well…chi.
(I wonder why this squirrel sounds annoyed…)

* the name of Iori’s school, not sure about the spelling.

(Oh?… It seems that someone is on the sofa….?)
(It’s dark so I can’t see really well but… this person is…?)
(Ah, isn’t it…! He was on the news earlier…!)
(Asakura Fuuto-kun….?!)
Fuuto: *breathes in his sleep*
(It’s the real one! He has such a beautiful face… Also his eyelashes are so long…)
(It’s the first time I ever see an idol from a close distance…)
Fuuto: Excuse me…
Ema: … ?!
Fuuto: Isn’t it a bit too audacious of you to approach me during my sleep?

Ema: Kyaa…!
(Just now… It seems like something touched my hair…?)
Rui: Let’s… arrange this.
Ema: …?! E-Errr, you are…?
Ukyo: Ah, it’s true that we haven’t introduced him to you yet. He’s older than Subaru (rather: he’s before Subaru if we rank the brothers from the eldest to the youngest), his name is Rui. He came back home late yesterday so he couldn’t greet you along the others.
Ema: Nice to meet you, I’m Ema.
Rui: Yes.
(He kept touching my hair since earlier…)
Ema: Errr…
Rui: You have nice hair. But it seems unruly. I’ll teach you a good treatment next time.

Wataru: *breathes in his sleep*… Zzz
Ema: Wataru-chan fell asleep immediately.
Masaomi: Wataru has somehow always fallen asleep easily. In that sense, he wasn’t a difficult child.
Ema: Since he was younger, Wataru-chan has always been a well-behaved child.
Masaomi: Huhu, I’m happy that you said it. However, he’s a bit spoilt.
Ema: It makes him cute.

I’m also going to translate the Passion Pink batch, stay tuned 8)