IT’S FINISHED \o/ thanks again Rin for helping me (It’s like the nth time I say this to you but sobs). Yusuke is a very bad liar (seen in track #4) and he’s adorbs urgh, he’s definitely my favorite character from the series! I really laughed a lot while listening to his tracks more than the others actually and I’ve always been fond of tsundere types askdfjgjdkfg;; Well, we’re going to move to Iori’s part from now on~

Track 04: クリスマスプレゼント(Kurisumasu Purezento) – Christmas Present
>>> Eh? Is it really okay? To go shopping together, with me? (.pdf)

Track 05: オメーへ (Omee e) – (Message) For You
>>> I’m sure I’m not losing to anyone concerning this matter! (.pdf)

I think I’m going to post some seiyuu scans in the near future, since I have some mags laying on my desk~ I’d like to know which seiyuu(s) you like, so maybe I could have some ideas of what I should scan?

Have a nice day!