Here comes the first track of the CD translated! Let’s have briefing on Brothers Conflict first~

The heroine, Ema, is a high school student whose dad remarried to a woman named Asahina. Thus she has to move to her new home: the Asahina mansion, acquiring a bunch of 13 brothers (non blood-related, it’s obvious) in the process~ Being the only female in this only-male household, it’s not really easy neither for her nor for her bros. Indeed, their daily lives have changed since her arrival too. The question is, can they keep feeling brotherly love towards her? Or will their feelings evolve into something more?

Basically, Brothers Conflict is a light novel series published in Sylph Magazine on a monthly basis and Otomate decided to turn the series into an otome game (well, being a “harem” thing… It wasn’t really surprising) for PSP which is yet to be released. Due to the huge number of love interests (aka brothers lol), there will be two games instead of one. Passion Pink, scheduled to be released sometime on April 2012 and Brilliant Blue, later but in 2012 also.

Concerning the dramas CDs, it’s just Otomate trying to make some money before releasing the games the total number of CDs (at least, Character CDs) is 7, knowing that 4 of them had been already released. This makes 2 brothers per CD (well, + Juri, the talking squirrel lol). Each CD has 10 tracks which makes 5 tracks for each brother but since a regular editon isn’t enough (see the sarcasm), you can get an Animate Tokuten Limited Edition which includes a second CD~

Well, WHY DID I START TRANSLATING CD 3 INSTEAD OF CD 1? Because I liked the 3rd CD better, that’s all :’D The cast played a major role in the decision too (even if the Brothers Conflict series has an awesome cast overall sobs)… I have a bias concerning Hosoyan, that’s not all but :’)

Meet Yusuke (CV. Hosoya Yoshimasa) and Iori (CV. Namikawa Daisuke) in this character CD, both are in high school. Yuusuke is Ema’s classmate, a yankee-who-gets-into-fights type of guy and a real big tsundere~ He seems embarrassed about Ema being suddenly his sister and tells her to shut up about this at school. On the other hand, Iori is a top student attending a private high school. Let’s say he’s like a school prince (good-looking, good at academics + sports) haha, he also works part time in a cafe~ (So they are like, complete opposites XD;)

The 5 first tracks are Yusuke’s part and the 5 last ones are Iori’s

Enough said! Enjoy~
Track 01: 2人だけの秘密 (Futari dake no himitsu) – A secret just between us

(Thank you Sandra for helping me with this track, Yuusuke talks sa fast sometimes sobs)