BROTHERS CONFLICT Character CD 3 with Yusuke & Iori – Track 08 translation~

I guess I won the award of the worst updating pace ever haha! Last summer, a bit after the previous update I got a three-month time summer job which broke the pace on everything I had and lately I decided to slowly resume the fandom activities I had back then. I have loads of anime and games to catch up with as well ;w; Anyway, here is the the translation of track #8!

Track 08: 閉じ込めておきたい (Toji Komete Okitai) – I Want To Lock You Up
>>> Come into my arms and close your eyes. Just focus on my movements and my voice. (.pdf)


BROTHERS CONFLICT Character CD 3 with Yusuke & Iori – Track 07 translation~

Hello! It’s been a while~ Finals are finally over so I’m back to business! Passion Pink was released a few weeks ago and I guess you enjoyed or are enjoying the game~ So far, I don’t have any complain to make haha! Ahem, sorry for being quite the slowpoke, here is the translation <3 (thanks a bunch again Rin!) Hopefully the translation of the next track will be published soon (:

Track 07: お姫様と王子様 (Ohimesama to Oujisama) – Princess And Prince
>>> You’re a guest today. Let me serve you with all my heart.. (.pdf)

BROTHERS CONFLICT – Official Website Gallery Section, CG events translation (2)

Here is the translation of the Passion Pink CG events from the official webpage~ With the game being postponed once more to next month, some of you are beginning to lose patience… so do I to be honest )8 anyway, I hope you will enjoy the translation ↓↓↓ and that the game won’t be postponed another time ;u;

Otherwise, final exams and assignments deadlines are coming closer and closer for me so don’t expect any update here until mid-May at least D8

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BROTHERS CONFLICT – Official Website Gallery Section, CG events translation (1)

No drama CD track translation this time (Track 7 is about 60% done I’d say) but something much lighter I hope you will enjoy as well :) I translated some CGs events available on the official website of the game in the GALLERY section. The ones featured in this post are CGs events that are common to Passion Pink and Brilliant Blue since they happen at the beginning of the game and in the volume 1 of the novel series (You can go and check the summary of vol.1 written by Rin for further information on the plot if it’s not already done).

I translated all of them except the one in which Wataru bumps into Ema with his bicycle because there were too much kanji I couldn’t see properly because of the font size used on the website and I couldn’t zoom since the website is in flash )8

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BROTHERS CONFLICT Character CD 3 with Yusuke & Iori – Track 06 translation~

Long time no post! Uni and my other projects have been eating most of my time lately :’) So, have the translation of track #6, Iori’s first track! yandere potential I had hard time to guess if he’s talking to Ema or to the cat at the end /o\

Track 06: 秘密の場所 (Himitsu no Basho) – Secret Place
>>> Surrounded by greenery, people’s voices are quickly fading away, I can finally be alone. (.pdf)

BROTHERS CONFLICT Character CD 3 with Yusuke & Iori – Track 04 & 05 translation~

IT’S FINISHED \o/ thanks again Rin for helping me (It’s like the nth time I say this to you but sobs). Yusuke is a very bad liar (seen in track #4) and he’s adorbs urgh, he’s definitely my favorite character from the series! I really laughed a lot while listening to his tracks more than the others actually and I’ve always been fond of tsundere types askdfjgjdkfg;; Well, we’re going to move to Iori’s part from now on~

Track 04: クリスマスプレゼント(Kurisumasu Purezento) – Christmas Present
>>> Eh? Is it really okay? To go shopping together, with me? (.pdf)

Track 05: オメーへ (Omee e) – (Message) For You
>>> I’m sure I’m not losing to anyone concerning this matter! (.pdf)

I think I’m going to post some seiyuu scans in the near future, since I have some mags laying on my desk~ I’d like to know which seiyuu(s) you like, so maybe I could have some ideas of what I should scan?

Have a nice day!

BROTHERS CONFLICT Character CD 3 with Yusuke & Iori – Track 03 translation~

This track gave me trouble at some point so it might certainly contain some inaccuracies, sorry but I tried my best ;_; I finished translating track 05 since it’s a lot shorter, so I’m going to release it at the same time as track 04~ Yusuke is becoming more and more dere track after track, it’s cute >u<

Track 03: サンキュ (Sankyuu) – Thank You

EDIT: Thank you very much for helping me Rin ;o;